Budget Billing Plan

Make it easier on your budget. Most households spend the most money on natural gas during the three coldest months of the year. With a Budget Billing Plan (BBP) you have a set monthly amount for your natural gas use based on your historical natural gas usage. We will monitor your account and make any necessary adjustment to keep you on track for the year. Plans start in September and end in July. You can enroll anytime.

Estimate installments - September

Budget Billing Plans start in September. We set your installment based on gas use history, expected rates and weather forecasts. Throughout the Fall paying your installments should build a credit, as your gas use is low. You will automatically be enrolled to BBP if you were on the plan in the previous year. 

Mid-year adjustment (if necessary) - Winter months

In the colder months you use more natural gas. Your credit balance should start to decrease and become a debit amount.

In February or March, we do a mid-year review to make sure you’re on track and adjust your installment amount if needed.

End of plan - July 

In the months leading up to July, the installments you’ve paid should start to balance with your actual gas charges, and the BBP balance should be nearing $0.

While we do our best to ensure your gas charges and BBP installment match closely, any BBP balance remaining will appear on the July bill.

If your actual gas charges were higher than your installment amounts, the BBP balance will be a debit or amount owing. If you’ve paid more in installments than you have in actual gas charges, the balance will appear as a credit. Credits are automatically applied against future bills.

Pay-per-use - August

In August you are only billed for what gas you use. Your BBP will automatically start back up in September.