CNG for Municipal Transit

A market-ready solution towards zero emissions

As Ontario works towards net zero emissions, transitioning fleets to compressed natural gas (CNG) is a proven way for municipalities to meet ambitious targets. Enbridge Gas' turnkey, all-inclusive Municipal Transit program offers an immediate, cost-effective way to improve air quality and reduce costs.

Make the switch

Why give CNG the green light?

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90% fewer tailpipe emissions*

Because CNG has a lower carbon content than petroleum-based products such as diesel, it burns cleaner, helping you reduce GHG emissions. Recently introduced natural gas engines are more reliable and efficient with "near-zero" certification.
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Reduce fuel costs up to 40%

Compared to diesel, CNG has a more stable, predictable fuel price, which means more consistent, long-term operating costs for your municipality and easier budgeting.
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Get turnkey deployment

Enbridge Gas makes it easy to transition entire fleets, with no upfront incremental capital. Our scalable solution includes funding for facility upgrades and more.
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Reduce noise pollution on city streets

CNG engines are up to 10 decibels quieter than their diesel counterparts. This reduction of noise helps improve the quality of life of drivers, passengers and residents.
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Improve fleet performance

CNG buses offer the power, acceleration and cruising speed you'd expect from diesel, and with a much longer range than electric buses, they're clearly superior when it comes to routes of all sizes.
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The road to zero emissions

Take sustainability efforts further by compressing renewable natural gas (RNG). We can help you turn organic waste at your landfills and wastewater treatment plants into carbon-neutral fuel—ask us how.
ⓘ *NOx emissions of 0.02 /bhp-hr (90% below EPA)
Transit bus re-fueling

Skip the line with CNG

On-site fueling is ideal for return-to-base fleets

  • Save up to 25 - 50 percent with our on-site fueling stations.
  • Enjoy a constant supply of fuel for just your fleet.
  • Save time with a central location for overnight fueling.

Real talk:

Why it pays to switch fleets to CNG

Hamilton Street Railway, City of Hamilton

After realizing the cost of diesel was on the rise, the City of Hamilton expanded its fleet with 137 new CNG buses and received funding for a new CNG station.

Now the highest capacity station in Ontario.

Fills buses faster than diesel pumps.

Fleets are noticeably quieter.

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Renewable natural gas waste station

Transition buses, trucks and more—then go 100% carbon neutral

Our municipal transit program can help you transition buses, snow removers, solid waste trucks and more to CNG to reduce fuel costs.

To get you to zero carbon, we can also help you turn organic waste from landfills and wastewater plants into renewable natural gas (RNG)—reducing your emissions by 100 percent. RNG can take the form of CNG fuel or be used to heat homes and businesses.

Joey Cyples

Get free, expert help to switch

Enbridge Gas can help you make the transition with seamless, customizable programs. We'll work with you to:

Weigh the advantages of CNG over other fuels.

Calculate potential savings and payback.
Create a conversion plan that works with your budget.

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