Hydrogen storage

How we use energy and the sources we rely on are changing. We're committed to being at the forefront of energy development by seeking lower-carbon, sustainable energy solutions, like hydrogen blending. 

How it works

Currently, Ontario produces electricity but sometimes there is more electricity made than used. We take the surplus electricity and produce hydrogen gas through Hydrogenics electrolysis technology. The hydrogen gas is stored and can be converted back into electricity when needed, or blended with natural gas as a less carbon-intensive energy source.

Hydrogen blending is when small amounts of hydrogen are injected into the natural gas grid. The benefit for the environment will be a more “green” gas mixture with fewer carbon emissions.

Proposed Low-Carbon Energy Project

As part of the proposed Low-Carbon Energy Project, some customers in the City of Markham would receive hydrogen blending as part of the natural gas delivery system. Hydrogen gas would be piped to a regulating station, added into the natural gas system and then distributed. This project would be a first of its kind in Canada and North America.

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