Warning tags

A warning tag means that your equipment may be unsafe. During a service call, a certified gas technician may place a warning tag on your natural gas equipment if it’s not operating safely. Depending on the concern, your natural gas may be turned off for your safety until the equipment has been fixed. Download an appliance warning tag.

There are two types of warning tags

  • An “A” tag is issued when the appliance creates an immediate hazard. As a result, your gas supply to the appliance or building is shut off immediately.
  • A “B” tag is issued when the appliance does not create an immediate hazard. You have 42 days for repairs or replacement. If the hazard is not repaired the natural gas supply will be shut off. 

If you receive a warning tag

  • Complete the repair
    Hire a registered heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor to make repairs. Enbridge Gas does not repair or service gas appliances.
  • Notify Enbridge Gas
    Once the repairs are made (at least five business days before the expiry date), the certified technician should fill out the “work completed by” portion of the warning tag and email it back to Enbridge Gas.

If we have to visit the property to verify the repairs and remove the tag, or shut off the gas, a $70 service charge plus tax will be billed to your account. To ensure your safety, we are legally required to shut off the gas if repairs to a “B” tag are not completed by the expiry date.

Failing to include all the necessary information may lead to a delay in processing the clearance in time, which can result in gas service disruption or charges.

Warning tag process change

Faxes are no longer accepted. Technicians can now take a picture of the completed warning tag clearance with their phone or tablet and email it directly to us.