In order to ensure the safety and reliability of pipeline infrastructure, Enbridge Gas has identified the need to decommission and replace approximately 16 km of 12-inch natural gas pipeline, 400 m of 16-inch pipeline and other existing services of smaller lengths and sizes in the city of Ottawa. The project under consideration represented Phases 3 and 4 of a four-phase plan for replacing the existing St. Laurent Pipeline. Phase 1 and 2 received approval from the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) in 2019, and have subsequently been constructed and put into service.

The St. Laurent Pipeline is a critical part of the natural gas distribution system in the City of Ottawa. It directly and indirectly supplies approximately 165,000 customers in the city and surrounding area, including in Gatineau, Quebec. These customers include those providing critical services, including hospitals, which count on a reliable, dependable energy source for their daily operations.

During Phases 3 and 4, the pipelines to be decommissioned were to be replaced with approximately:

  • 9 km of 12-inch extra-high pressure steel pipeline
  • 2.4 km of 16-inch steel pipeline
  • 4.2 km of 6-inch intermediate pressure polyethylene pipeline
  • 3.6 km of 4-inch I intermediate pressure polyethylene pipeline.
  • Various other facilities pipelines of smaller lengths and size.

Specifically, Phase 3 would consist of the construction of approximately 2.4 kilometers of 16-inch diameter steel pipeline, 6.5 kilometers of 12-inch diameter steel gas pipeline, 2.1 kilometers of 6-inch diameter plastic pipeline and 3 kilometers of 4-inch diameter plastic gas pipeline.

Phase 4 would consist of the replacement of the existing St. Laurent Pipeline with approximately 3.1 kilometres of 12-inch diameter steel pipeline and 3.2 kilometres of 4-inch diameter plastic pipeline.

Enbridge Gas originally applied to OEB for approval to construct phases 3 and 4 on March 4, 2021. This application was placed in abeyance by the OEB pending the resolution of concerns raised by the Ministry of Transportation in relation to the route of the pipeline at Vanier Parkway.

Since then, Enbridge Gas resolved these routing issues by moving the affected segment of the pipeline to an adjacent property owned by the Crown, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are using the land for their facilities. Enbridge Gas also updated the original construction schedule and made other related updates to the original application. This updated application has been reviewed by the OEB.

If approved, construction on Phase 3 was to begin in 2022, with Phase 4 to follow in 2023.

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