Roles and Responsibilities

For Enbridge Gas Distribution, energy marketers and customers

Enbridge Gas Distribution’s responsibilities

At Enbridge, we take our responsibilities to our customers, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders very seriously. Our responsibilities to you include: 

  • Safely deliver natural gas
  • Maintain system reliability
  • Respond to gas-related emergencies
  • Read and test meters 
  • Abide by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) Code of Conduct

Ontario Energy Board (OEB) Code of Conduct as it relates to Enbridge

The OEB Code of Conduct governs the relationship between Enbridge Gas Distribution and all energy marketers.

The OEB Code of Conduct states:

  • Enbridge shall not, directly or indirectly, provide preferential treatment to any energy marketer or their customers
  • Enbridge will refrain from appearing to speak on behalf of any specific energy marketer
  • Enbridge shall not direct customers to any specific energy marketer nor imply any preferred treatment
  • Enbridge will provide an unbiased directory of energy marketers

Energy marketers’ responsibilities

Energy marketers also have defined responsibilities to their customers, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders. Their responsibilities are to: 

  • Comply with the legal and regulatory requirements established by the OEB
  • Obtain an energy marketer licence from the OEB 
  • Invoice customers for the commodity and any other services
  • Provide a copy of the contract at the customer's request
  • Manage customers' energy needs

Ontario’s Energy Consumer Protection Act (ECPA)

The ECPA establishes a new framework for contracting with residential and small business consumers starting January 1, 2011, including: 

  • Retailers/marketers can only enter into, verify, renew or extend contracts with the account holder, the account holder’s spouse or the account holder’s authorized agent for the relevant premises
  • An identification badge must be worn and prominently displayed by a salesperson
  • All contract costs must be disclosed, and the amount of cancellation fees has been limited
  • Customers have enhanced rights to cancel contracts
  • Consumers will be provided with greater transparency:

For more information, visit the Ontario Energy Board.

Residential gas customers’ responsibilities

As a residential gas customer, you have rights and responsibilities. Your responsibilities are to:

  • Select an energy marketer or choose to stay with Enbridge Gas Distribution
  • Make sure you understand the contract
  • Know how to contact Enbridge or your energy marketer
  • Only provide your Enbridge account number if you are signing a contract

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