Niagara Gas Transmission Limited (NGTL) and 2193914 Canada Limited, are wholly owned subsidiaries of Enbridge Inc. and operated in the province of Ontario, by Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. Pipelines owned by NGTL and 2193914 Canada Limited are regulated by the National Energy Board (NEB).


Emergency Management Program and Procedures

The safety of our customers, the public and our employees is always our priority. Emergency Procedures Manual and Emergency Management Program information are available to emergency response organizations and the public in our areas of operation. Emergency procedures focus on first-response actions and contain notification and response requirements for emergency response teams both inside and outside of the Enbridge organization. Enbridge's Emergency Procedures Manual meets all applicable regulations and has been approved by the National Energy Board.

Pour consulter l'information complète sur le programme de gestion des urgences en français, cliquez ici.

Abandonment Funding Update

In 2007, the NEB established the Land Matters Consultation Initiative, which addressed abandonment issues relating to NEB regulated pipelines.  To ensure that there are sufficient funds available to abandon pipelines in the future, the NEB determined that companies are required to collect funds and have a mechanism in place to protect those funds.  Enbridge companies such as Niagara Gas Transmission Limited and 2193914 Canada Limited proposed that abandonment funding amounts be collected through tolls and then placed in to a trust that can only be accessed for purposes related to pipeline abandonment.  These proposals were both accepted by the NEB and Niagara and 2193914 have been accumulating abandonment funds since January 2015.  The funds are placed in trust with CIBC Trust Corporation and each year, the companies provide the NEB with financial information with respect to the trust.  Information respecting abandonment funds for Niagara and 2193914 is available on the NEB’s website at the links provided below.  If you have any questions or concerns with respect to pipeline abandonment funding, please contact us at 1-855-884-5112 or by email at or

Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures

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