Enbridge Gas Distribution – Our History

Whether you remember us as Consumers Gas or know us now as Enbridge Gas Distribution, we trace our roots back more than 160 years and today we deliver safe, reliable and affordable natural gas to two million Ontario homes and businesses.


Almost two decades before Canadian Confederation, Consumers Gas is formed to secure a "purer, more regular, cheaper supply of gas."


Five years after its founding, the new company has become a success. Energy efficiency improves and the price of gas drops by 17 per cent.


Faced with a growing community, the company lays new gas mains and constructs a larger facility. Gas rates go down by 50 per cent. This begins a tradition of expanding our service to meet our customers' needs.


Electricity is discovered and, over the next few decades, becomes a common energy source. Gas use continues to grow.


Our first store opens at 12 Adelaide Street West in Toronto. Customers can purchase the latest lighting fixtures, ranges and other appliances.


During its 75th anniversary celebrations, Consumers Gas estimates it has 1,046 kilometres (650 miles) of pipeline. Today, we use more than 31,000 kilometres (19,262 miles) of gas mains in the regions we serve.


The company helps with wartime conservation efforts by teaching homemakers how to preserve fruits and vegetables. It also donates money and time to a service club for soldiers, sailors and airmen.


Consumers Gas relocates pipes during construction of the Yonge St. subway line in Toronto – with little interruption to customers. We were able to repeat that success when we re-laid our pipes around the Sheppard subway line in north Toronto.


The world's longest natural gas pipeline is completed, connecting Alberta to Toronto and Montreal. In the Niagara region, residents stop relying on US imports – and start selling natural gas across the border.


Daphne Duncanson becomes North America's first female licenced gas servicer. Mabel Geary, one of our company directors from 1954 to 1972, becomes one of the first women in Canada to sit on the board of a major corporation.


The world's first natural gas vehicle is introduced at our booth at the Canadian National Exhibition. Today, we work with government and businesses to encourage the use of environmentally-preferred, cost-effective natural gas vehicles.


The Canadian energy industry begins to be deregulated.


The Consumers Gas Company is acquired by IPL Energy of Calgary.


The company is renamed Enbridge Consumers Gas, whose slogan becomes "A new kind of energy company."


A new government regulation requires the separation of retail sales, service and repair operations from our core distribution business. As a result, a sister company, Enbridge Home Services, is formed to supply and service retail products such as furnaces, water heaters and barbecues.


Enbridge Home Services is sold to Centrica North America. Enbridge Consumers Gas continues to supply and deliver natural gas.


Enbridge Consumers Gas changes its name to Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.


Enbridge Gas Distribution adds a record 60,000 new customers in one year.


Enbridge Gas Distribution now serves 1.9 million customers.


The world’s first Hybrid FuelCell was commissioned, which provides a more efficient, and cleaner, natural gas pressure reduction technology. Jointly developed by Enbridge Inc and FuelCell Energy Inc., it produces approximately 2.2 megawatts of electricity, enough to power approximately 1,700 homes, by recovering energy normally lost in day to day pipeline operations.


We're two million customers strong! Thank you for helping us reach this important milestone - it wouldn't have been possible without our loyal customers. We look forward to continuing to meet your energy needs.