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Fenelon Falls Pipeline Project


Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. ("Enbridge"), is proposing to construct up to a total of approximately 37 kilometres (km) of natural gas pipelines at different nominal pipe sizes (NPS) and pressure systems, in the City of Kawartha Lakes (CKL), and the Township of Brock in the Regional Municipality of Durham (Durham Region), Ontario, to serve the Community of Fenelon Falls (the "Project"). The proposed pipelines will be located within existing road allowances in the Study Areas and is expected to operate at a pressure up to 400 psi in some sections along the pipeline route and less than 20% of the specified minimum yield strength (SMYS). Two separate Study Areas were identified for the reinforcement pipeline and the distribution pipelines. These segments and the proposed routes are described below:

Segment 1:

also known as the Sunderland Reinforcement Segment (RS) will consist of approximately 8 km of NPS 6-inch steel extra high pressure (XHP) pipeline. The proposed pipeline will originate near the intersection of Highway 7/12 and Regional Road 10/Brock Concession Road 6 in the Community of Sunderland. The pipeline will travel east along Brock Concession Road 6, north on Simcoe Street, east along Farmstead Road, and terminate at Station Road, southeast of the Hamlet of Manilla, where it ties into an existing Enbridge NPS 6-inch pipeline. The reinforcement pipeline will run parallel to Enbridge's existing NPS 4-inch pipeline.

Segment 2:

also known as the Distribution Pipeline to Fenelon Falls Segment (DPFF) will originate approximately 1.2 km north of the intersection of Highway 7 and Taylor's Road in Oakwood. The pipeline will run north along Taylor's Road, continue east along Quaker Road, north along Eden Road and then east along Cambray Road/County Road 9 to rejoin Highway 35. From this point the DPFF will travel north to the Community of Fenelon Falls. The pipeline will terminate near the intersection of Bond Street and Colborne Street/County Road 121, for a total of approximately 29 km of a combination of NPS 6-inch and 4-inch extra high pressure (XHP) steel, and NPS 6-inch high pressure (HP) polyethylene natural gas pipeline.


For reasons outlined in the Attached, Enbridge is requesting a minor deviation from the preferred route in the Environmental Report in the Fenelon Falls Segment.


OEB Notice of Application

On August 18, 2017, the OEB issued the Notice of Application with respect to the filing by Enbridge for a leave to construct application for approval to construct a natural gas pipeline to serve the community of Fenelon Falls.

Requests for intervenor status are due to the OEB by September 5, 2017.


On October 30, 2017, the OEB re-issued the Notice of Application for the Fenelon Falls Pipeline Project. The OEB re-issued the Notice to Indigenous communities to advise that the OEB's process for this application may serve as a component of the Crown's duty to consult for this project.



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