Planning how to add, move, remove or upgrade natural gas service at your construction or renovation site can help your project run smoothly. We have online service request tools to help you find out if natural gas is available at your location, get a cost estimate for installation and schedule your service.

Are you ready to submit an application for natural gas?

A service line and meter must be installed to connect the building to a natural gas main. Contractors requesting service on behalf of a homeowner can submit the request under their company name, and then the homeowner will need to open a new Enbridge Gas account after installation is complete. Please allow for at least 6 to 10 weeks of lead time. Some requests may take longer or require more planning.

To request a commercial new service complete the form below or call our Customer Connections Contact Centre at 1-888-427-8888.

Please note:

As of summer 2022, Enbridge Gas will be transitioning to an online service request system known as GetConnected. At that time, this application method will no longer be utilized. Training sessions and additional information coming soon.

Not sure if natural gas is available for the potential construction site?

To inquire if there is natural gas available for your construction location or if you are interested in having natural gas extended to your area, you must complete the Natural Gas Inquiry Form.