Binding Reverse Open Season

On February 17, 2021, Enbridge Gas Inc. (“Enbridge Gas”) issued a Panhandle Regional Expansion Project Expression of Interest and Capacity Request (“EOI”). Based on the interest received from the EOI, Enbridge Gas expects expansion facilities will be required to meet the incremental demands for gas distribution service. To ensure economically efficient expansion of Enbridge Gas’s pipeline system, we are now inviting binding bids for existing capacity turn-back.

Enbridge Gas is offering all existing distribution contract rate customers in the proposed project service area (see attached map on page 3) the opportunity to “turn-back” or de-contract existing distribution capacity.

Bids submitted in this Binding Reverse Open Season represent a legally binding commitment to turn back capacity. Existing customers should submit only one binding bid form for each distribution contract. Enbridge Gas, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to reject any and all bids received.

This Binding Reverse Open Season closes, and bid forms are due, no later than 12:00 p.m. EDT Friday October 15, 2021.

In March 2021,we held an Expression of Interest to serve a growing demand for natural gas across all sectors in Essex County, including Windsor, LaSalle, Amherstburg, Tecumseh, Essex, Leamington, Lakeshore, Kingsville, and in western Chatham-Kent.

Read more about the expression of interest

Proposed project service area for Binding Reverse Open Season

The map below outlines the area that is under consideration for a potential project to expand natural gas capacity. All distribution contract rate customers holding existing Firm or Interruptible distribution capacity in this area that wish to turn back some or all of this capacity are invited to participate in this Binding Reverse Open Season.

Panhandle Regional Expansion Project Map 

Submitting a Bid Form

If you wish to participate in this Binding Reverse Open Season please complete, sign and return the Binding Reverse Open Season Bid Form via email to Completed forms must be returned by email on or before 12 p.m. EDT on Friday October 15, 2021. The returned Binding Reverse Open Season Bid Forms will be time-stamped by the date on the bidder’s email.

This process is designed to assist Enbridge Gas with determining the optimal facility requirements to meet market needs and prepare an application to the Ontario Energy Board for the proposed Panhandle Regional Expansion Project. Enbridge Gas will acknowledge receipt of all Reverse Open Season Bid Forms by email on or before the end of day on Monday October 18, 2021.

Any suggested contractual Condition(s) Precedent that the bidder proposes should be clearly articulated and attached to the Binding Reverse Open Season Bid Form and will be considered during the capacity turnback process.

Binding Reverse Open Season Bid Form

If you have any questions about this Binding Reverse Open Season or the Panhandle Regional Expansion Project, please contact your account manager or one of the following:

Patrick Boyer
Account Manager
Cell: (519) 436 4915
Paul Rikley
Account Manager
Cell: (519) 350 2570
Mark Noce
Account Manager
Cell: (289) 659 3667