Design energy-efficient, sustainable buildings

If you’re a builder or engineering firm, Enbridge Gas can help you create sustainable spaces that save energy, cost less to operate and are better able to withstand the impacts of climate change. With expert help and incentives, you’ll be able to use innovative design approaches to deliver a more resilient, cost-effective project.

What’s in it for you?

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    Expert help to design sustainable buildings.

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    Energy simulation modelling.

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    Incentives to offset the cost of energy-efficient equipment.

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    Up to $100,000 in incentives per project.

Why build sustainably?

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Boost energy performance.


Reduce environmental impact.

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Lower operating costs.

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Enhance occupant comfort.

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Avoid costly changes during construction.

How the program works


Contact an Energy Solutions Advisor to review and approve your project and its scope of work.


Once approved, work with a third-party energy simulation modelling company or simulation tool. All simulations will be verified by your Energy Solutions Advisor.


When you implement the energy-efficient measures identified in the modelling simulation, receive financial incentives up to $100,000.

What are the incentives?

Energy simulation modelling incentive*
Incentive paid for design simulation model to builder or energy simulation modelling company, based on as-designed and as-built.

Scope of work must be approved by Energy Solutions Advisor, prior to conducting simulation modelling.
100 percent of the energy simulation cost, up to $1,500.
Implementation incentive
50 percent of the cost of implementing high-efficiency equipment, up to $100,000 per project. $0.20/m for savings above code.

Is your project eligible?

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    Commercial project.

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    At the pre-construction phase or earlier.

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    Located in the Enbridge Gas service area.

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    Your project must use natural gas as a primary fuel source.

Is your project greater than 50,000 sq. ft.? You may be eligible for the Savings by Design Commercial & Multi-Residential program.

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Connect with an Energy Solutions Advisor

We’ll work with you to get your sustainable building project underway.

Contact an Energy Solutions Advisor

Incentives are applicable to commercial buildings.* 50 percent of incentive paid on pre-build simulation documents. Remaining 50 percent paid on as-built simulation documents. † Paid post implementation of measures, after building has been commissioned. Please allow 10 to 12 weeks for delivery of payment. For the purposes of the incentives described in this document, the incentives are available to new construction buildings that have not participated in the Savings by Design program. Offer is available to Enbridge Gas Inc., operating as Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. and Union Gas franchise area (Ontario), customers and available to qualified participants only and measures must be implemented between Jan. 1 and Nov. 30 of the current calendar year. New construction projects must use natural gas as a primary fuel source. Energy simulations need to be verified by an Enbridge Gas Energy Solutions Advisor. Use of an approved simulation tool and follow simulation guidelines. Leverage current Ontario Building Code (OBC) as baseline. Savings are based on implementation of measures above minimum OBC requirements or equivalent. Enbridge Gas Inc. makes no representation, warranty or guarantee regarding project savings of any energy-efficiency measure or performance of installed equipment. Enbridge Gas Inc. reserves the right to independently verify the application information and confirm installation. Additional terms and conditions may apply. HST is not applicable and will not be added to incentive payments.