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Rate 145

Interruptible Service

Natural Gas Prices Have Changed

The Ontario Energy Board ("OEB") has approved changes to Enbridge Gas Distribution's charges effective April 1, 2018. On average, these changes will amount to a decrease of approximately 7.6% annually. The decrease is due to lower natural gas prices in North America. The effect on your bill will depend on how much natural gas your organization uses.

Your current bill has been calculated using the new approved rates for gas consumed from April 1, 2018. The rate chart is included in this notice.

Our supply prices are based on a forecast of market prices for the next 12 months. The forecasted prices are reviewed every three months and adjusted accordingly. If our forecasts are over or under our actual costs, the difference is refunded or collected from customers through cost adjustments.

Gas Supply Charge

The Gas Supply Charge has decreased from 10.0632 cents per cubic metre ("¢/m³") to 9.414 ¢/m³.

The Gas Supply component of the Cost Adjustment is currently a refund of (0.4312) ¢/m³. This refund, combined with the Gas Supply Charge, results in a new total effective Gas Supply rate of 8.9828 ¢/m³.

Enbridge Gas Distribution does not make a profit on the price of natural gas.

Delivery to You

The "Delivery to You" charge has decreased due to lower delivery related costs.

As of January 1, 2017, Delivery to You includes applicable charges from the Ontario Government's cap and trade program, related to greenhouse gas emissions from the natural gas you use and that we use to deliver it to you, effective January 1, 2017. If you are a customer who is a Non-Large Final Emitter you will be charged a cap and trade Customer Related Charge of 3.3181 ¢/m³ and the cap and trade Facility Related Charge of 0.0337 ¢/m³. If you are a Large Final Emitter you will only be charged the Facility Related Charge of 0.0337 ¢/m³. The effect on your bill will depend on how much natural gas your organization uses.

For more information on cap and trade, visit

Load Balancing Charge

The Load Balancing Charge has decreased due to lower seasonal load balancing-related costs.

Transportation to Enbridge

The "Transportation to Enbridge" charge has decreased due to lower costs for transporting natural gas to Ontario.

Cost Adjustment

The total Cost Adjustment refund is (0.4301) ¢/m³, effective until March 31, 2019.

For further information

Enbridge Gas Distribution appreciates the opportunity to serve you and looks forward to the continuation of our business relationship. If you require further information with respect to this rate change, please call 1-855-311-2LBA (1-855-311-2522) or visit our website at:


To any Applicant who enters into a Service Contract with the Company to use the Company's natural gas distribution network for the transportation of a specified maximum daily volume of natural gas to a single terminal location ("Terminal Location") which can accommodate the total interruption of gas service as ordered by the Company exercising its sole discretion. Any Applicant for service under this rate schedule must agree to transport a minimum annual volume of natural gas of 340000 cubic metres.

Character of Service:

In addition to events as specified in the Service Contract including force majeure, service shall be subject to curtailment or discontinuance upon the Company issuing a notice not less than 72 hours prior to the time at which such curtailment or discontinuance is to commence. An Applicant may, by contract, agree to accept a shorter notice period (see Capacity Repurchase Rate).


Rates per cubic metre assume an energy content of 38.42 MJ/m³.

Billing Month Jan. to Dec.
Monthly Customer Charge $123.34

Delivery Charge (per month)
Per cubic metre of Firm Contract Demand 8.23 ¢/m³
Per cubic metre of gas delivered  
First 14000 m³ 2.9952 ¢/m³
Next 28000 m³ 1.6362 ¢/m³
Over 42000 m³ 1.0772 ¢/m³
Gas Supply Load Balancing Charge 0.6472 ¢/m³
Transportation Charge 4.7525 ¢/m³
Transportation Dawn Charge 1.0404 ¢/m³
System Sales Gas Supply Charge (if applicable *) 9.414 ¢/m³

Cap and Trade
Customer Related Charge (if applicable) 3.3181 ¢/m³
Facility Related Charge 0.0337 ¢/m³

Cost Adjustment Breakdown
Components of Cost Adjustment
Gas Supply (0.4312) ¢/m³
Transportation (0.1119) ¢/m³
Load Balancing 0.1130 ¢/m³
Total (0.4301) ¢/m³


* Note: The Gas Supply Charge is applicable if the customer purchases their natural gas requirement from Enbridge Gas Distribution.


The rates quoted above shall be subject to the Gas Cost Adjustment contained in Rider "C", the Site Restoration Clearance adjustment contained in Rider "D" and the Revenue Adjustment Rider contained in Rider "E". In addition, meter readings will be adjusted by the Atmospheric Pressure Factor relevant to the customer's location as shown in Rider "F". The Gas Supply Charge is applicable if the Applicant is not providing its own supply of natural gas for transportation.

For information on the new quarterly rate adjustment mechanism and the expected year end gas supply charge adjustment (Purchase Gas Variance Account 'PGVA clearing'), please see the PGVA explanation page.

Direct Purchase Arrangements:

Rider "A" or Rider "B" shall be applicable to Applicants who enter into Direct Purchase Arrangements under this Rate Schedule.

Curtailment Credit

Rate for 16 hours of notice per cubic metre of Mean Daily Volume from December to March: $0.50 /m³

In addition, if the Applicant is supplying its own gas requirements, the gas delivered by the Applicant during the period of curtailment shall be purchased by the Company for the Company's use. The purchase price for such gas will be equal to the price that is reported for the month, in the first issue of the Natural Gas Market Report published by Canadian Enerdata Ltd. during the month, as the "current" "Avg." (i.e., average) "Alberta One–Month Firm Spot Price" for "AECO 'C' and Nova Inventory Transfer" in the table entitled "Domestic spot gas prices", adjusted for AECO to Empress transportation tolls and compressor fuel costs.

For the areas specified in Appendix A to this Rate Schedule, the Company's gas distribution network does not have sufficient physical capacity under current operating conditions to accommodate the provision of firm service to existing interruptible locations.

Unauthorized Overrun Gas Rate:

When the Applicant takes Unauthorized Supply Overrun Gas, the Applicant shall purchase such gas at a rate of 150% of the average price on each day on which an overrun occurred for the calendar month as published in the Gas Daily for the Niagara and Iroquois export points for the CDA and EDA respectively.

Any material instance of failure to curtail in any contract year may result in the Applicant forfeiting the right to be served under this rate schedule.

In such case, service hereunder would cease, notwithstanding any Service Contract between the Company and the Applicant. Gas Supply and/or transportation service would continue to be available to the Applicant pursuant to the provisions of the Company's Rate 6 until a Service Contract pursuant to another applicable Rate Schedule was executed.

Any Applicant taking a material volume of Unauthorized Supply Overrun Gas, during a period of ordered curtailment, may forfeit its curtailment credits for the respective winter season, December through March inclusive.

On the second and subsequent occasion in a contract year when the Applicant takes Unauthorized Demand Overrun Gas, a new Contract Demand will be established and shall be charged equal to 120% of the applicable monthly charge for twelve months of the current contract term, including retroactively based on the terms of the Service Contract.

Minimum Bill:

Per cubic metre of Annual Volume Deficiency (See Terms and Conditions of Service): 8.3677 ¢/m³

Terms and Conditions of Service:

The provisions of PARTS III and IV of the Company's HANDBOOK OF RATES AND DISTRIBUTION SERVICES apply, as contemplated therein, to service under this Rate Schedule.

Effective Date:

To apply to bills rendered for gas consumed by customers on and after April 1, 2018 under Sales Service and Transportation Service. This rate schedule is effective April 1, 2018 and replaces the identically numbered rate schedule that specifies implementation date, January 1, 2018 and that indicates the Board Order, EB-2017-0347, effective January 1, 2018.

  April 1, 2018

  April 1, 2018


  January 1, 2018