Rate 316


This rate is available to any customer taking service under Distribution Rates 125 and 300. It requires a Service Contract that identifies the required storage space and deliverability. The customer shall maintain a positive balance of gas in storage at all times. In addition, the customer must arrange for pipeline delivery service from Dawn to the applicable Primary Delivery Area.

This service is not a delivered service and is only available when the relevant pipeline confirms the delivery.

The maximum hourly injections / withdrawals shall equal 1/24th of the daily Storage Demand.

Storage space shall be based on either of two storage allocation methodologies: (customer's average winter demand - customer's average annual demand) x 151, or [(17 x customers's maximum hourly demand) / 0.1] x 0.57. Customers have the option to select from these two storage space allocation methods the one that best suits their requirements.

Maximum deliverability shall be 1.2% of contracted storage space. The customer may inject and withdraw gas based on the quantity of gas in storage and the limitations specified in the Service Contract. Both injection and withdrawal shall be subject to applicable storage ratchets Mapplication_pdf.16x16.png as determined by the Company and posted from time to time.

Character of Service:

Service shall be firm when used in conjunction with firm distribution service. Service is interruptible when used in conjunction with interruptible distribution service. All service is subject to contract terms and force majeure.

The service is nominated based on the available capacity and gas in storage up to the maximum contracted daily deliverability.


The following rates and charges shall apply in respect to all gas received by the Company from and delivered by the Company to storage on behalf of the Applicant.

Monthly Customer Charge: $150.00
Storage Reservation Charge:  
Monthly Storage Space Demand 0.0537 ¢/m³
Monthly Storage Deliverability/Injection Demand Charge 5.5775 ¢/m³
Injection & Withdrawal Unit Charge: 0.0977 ¢/m³
Monthly Minimum Bill: The sum of the Monthly Customer Charge
plus Monthly Demand Charges
Cap and Trade Customer Related Charge: (if applicable) 0.0000 ¢/m³
Cap and Trade Facility Related Charge: 0.0048 ¢/m³

Fuel Ratio Requirement:

The Fuel Ratio per unit of gas injected and withdrawn is 0.35%.

All Storage Space and Deliverability/Injection Demand Charges are applicable monthly. Injection and withdrawal charges are applicable to each unit of gas injected or withdrawn based on daily nominations.

In addition, for each unit of injection or withdrawal there will be an applicable fuel charge adjustment expressed as a percent of gas.

Terms and Conditions of Service:

Nominated Storage Service:

The customer shall nominate storage injections and withdrawals daily. The customer may change daily nominations based on the nomination windows within a day as defined by the customer contract with Union Gas Limited and TransCanad PipeLines (TCPL).

The customer may elect to nominate all or a portion of the available withdrawal capacity for delivery to the applicable Primary Delivery Area.

The Company reserves the right to limit injection and withdrawal rights to all storage customers in certain situations, such as major maintenance or construction projects, and may reduce nominations for injections and withdrawals over and above applicable storage ratchets. The Company will provide customers with one week's notice of its intent to limit injection and withdrawal rights, and at the same time, shall provide its best estimate of the duration and extent of the limitations.

In situations where the Company limits injection and withdrawal rights, the Company shall proportionately reduce the Storage Deliverability/Injection Demand Charge for affected customers based on the number of days the limitation is in effect and the difference between Deliverability/Injection Demand, subject to applicable storage ratchets, and the quantity of gas actually delivered or injected.

The customer may transfer the title of gas in storage.

Other Provisions:

If the customer elects to use the contracted storage capacity at less than the full volumetric capacity of the storage, the Company may inject its own gas provided that such injection does not reduce the right of the customer to withdraw the full amount of gas injected on any day during the withdrawal season or to schedule its full injection right during the injection season.

Term of Contract

A minimum of one year.

A longer-term contract may be required if incremental contracts/assets/facilities have been procured/built for the customer.

Customer Index

Index of Customers Mapplication_pdf.16x16.png

Customer Protection - STAR Mapplication_pdf.16x16.png

Gas Storage Information

Storage Inventory Mapplication_pdf.16x16.png

Design Capacity Mapplication_pdf.16x16.png

If you have any questions regarding In-Franchise Storage, please do not hesitate to call the Enbridge Volume Planner at 780-420-8831 or Supply Management Services at 780-420-8850.

Effective Date:

To apply to bills rendered for gas delivered on or after April 1, 2018. This rate schedule is effective April 1, 2018 and replaces the identically numbered rate schedule that specifies implementation date, January 1, 2018 and that indicates the Board Order, EB-2017-0347, effective January 1, 2018.

  April 1, 2018

  April 1, 2018


  January 1, 2018