Rate 320


To any Applicant whose delivery of natural gas to the Company for transportation to a Terminal Location has been interrupted prior to the delivery of such gas to the Company.

Character of Service:

The volume of gas available for backstopping in any day shall be determined by the Company exercising its sole discretion. If the aggregate daily demand for service under this Rate Schedule exceeds the supply available for such day, the available supply shall be allocated to firm service customers on a first requested basis and any balance shall be available to interruptible customers on a first requested basis.


The rates applicable in the circumstances contemplated by this Rate Schedule, in lieu of the Gas Supply Charges specified in any of the Company's other Rate Schedules pursuant to which the Applicant is taking service, shall be as follows:

Billing Month Jan to Dec
Gas Supply Charge
Per cubic metre of gas sold 14.7893 ¢/m³
Cap and Trade Customer Related Charge (if applicable) 0.0000 ¢/m³
Cap and Trade Facility Related Charge 0.0000 ¢/m³

Provided that if upon the request of an Applicant, the Company quotes a rate to apply to gas which is delivered to the Applicant at a particular Terminal Location on a particular day or days and to which this Rate Schedule is applicable (which rate shall not be less than the Company's avoided cost in the circumstances at the time nor greater than the otherwise applicable rate specified above), then the Gas Supply Charge applicable to such gas shall be the rate quoted by the Company.

Effective Date:

To apply to bills rendered for gas consumed by customers on and after April 1, 2018 under Sales Service and Transportation Service. This rate schedule is effective April 1, 2018 and replaces the identically numbered rate schedule that specifies implementation date, January 1, 2018 and that indicates the Board Order, EB-2017-0347, effective January 1, 2018.

  April 1, 2018

  April 1, 2018


  January 1, 2018