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Rate 332


To any Applicant who enters into an agreement with the Company pursuant to the Rate 332 Tariff ("Tariff"), as approved by the Board from time to time, for firm transportation service (FT Service) on its Albion Pipeline easterly from Parkway Enbridge Gas Transmission (Parkway EGT) to a new interconnect with the TransCanada PipeLines Limited Mainline at the Albion Road station.

The current FT capacity of the Albion Pipeline is approximately 1,200 TJ/ day.

Character of Service:

Transportation service under this Rate Schedule shall be provided on a firm basis, subject to the terms and conditions set out in the Tariff and this Rate Schedule.


The following charges, effective April 1, 2018, shall apply for transportation service under this Rate Schedule:

$/GJ $/10³m³
Monthly Contract Demand Charge $1.2075 45.5107
Authorized Overrun Charge $0.0476 1.7940
Cap and Trade Customer Related Charge (if applicable) 0.0000 ¢/m³
Cap and Trade Facility Related Charge 0.0018 ¢/m³


The Monthly Contract Demand charge is equal to the Daily Contract Demand of $0.0397 per GJ or $1.4963 per 10³ m³.

Monthly Minimum Bill: The minimum monthly bill shall equal the applicable Monthly Contract Demand Charge times the Maximum Daily Quantity.

Authorized Overrun Service: The Company may, in its sole discretion, authorize transportation of gas in excess of the Maximum Daily Quantity provided excess capacity is available. The excess volumes will be subject to the Authorized Overrun Charge.

In addition to the rates quoted above, Applicants taking Rate 332 transportation service will be required to pay any charges resulting from Board approved dispositions of Deferral and Variance account balances pertaining to Rate 332.

Terms and Conditions of Service:

The terms and conditions of transportation service are set out in the Tariff.
The provisions of Parts I to IV of the Company's HANDBOOK OF RATES AND DISTRIBUTION SERVICES do not apply to Rate 332 transportation service.

Rate 332 FT Service Parameters:

  • Receipt Point: Parkway EGT (Union Gas)
  • Delivery Point: Albion King’s North (TCPL)
  • Fuel: not applicable
  • Authorized Overrun Service: subject to availability

Transportation Information:

Operationally Available (Capacity)

Index of Customers Mapplication_pdf.16x16.png

Tariffs and Rates:

Tariff (includes FT Service Schedule and form of FT Service Agreement)

Effective Date:

The Tariff was approved by the Board in Board Order EB-2016-0028 available on the Company's website.

  April 1, 2018

  April 1, 2018


  January 1, 2018