Rates and Services Available

This is a cross-section of Enbridge Gas Distribution's rates and services available to large volume gas customers. Services and rates are not definitive or comprehensive and may be changed by Enbridge Gas Distribution without notice.

Section A — Introduction

In-Franchise Services

Enbridge Gas Distribution provides in franchise services for the transportation of natural gas from the point of its delivery to Enbridge Gas Distribution to the Terminal Location at which the gas will be used. The natural gas to be transported may be owned by the Applicant for service or by the Company. In the latter case, it will be sold to the customer at the outlet of the meter located at the Terminal Location.

Applicants may elect to have the Company provide all-inclusively the services which are mutually agreed to be required or they may select (from the 300 series of rates, and Rate 125) only the amounts of those services which they consider they need.

The all-inclusive services are provided pursuant to Rates 1, 6 and 9, ("the General Service Rates") and Rates 100, 110, 115, 135, 145, and 170 ("the Large Volume Service Rates"). Individual services are available under Rates 125, 300, and 315 ("the Unbundled Service Rates").

Service to residential locations is provided pursuant to Rate 1.

Service which may be interrupted at the option of the Company is available, at rates lower than would apply for equivalent service under a firm rate schedule, pursuant to Rates 145 and 170. Under all other rate schedules, service is provided upon demand by the Applicant, i.e., on a firm service basis.

Ex-Franchise Services

Enbridge Gas Distribution provides ex-franchise services for the transportation of natural gas through its distribution system to a point of interconnection with the distribution system of other distributors of natural gas. Such service is provided pursuant to Rate 200 and provides for the bundled transportation of gas owned by the Company, owned by customers of that distributor, or owned by that distributor.

For the purposes of interpreting the terms and conditions contained in this Handbook of Rates and Distribution Services the ex-franchise distributor shall be considered to be the applicant for the transportation of its customer owned gas and shall assume all the obligations of transportation as if it owned the gas.

Nominations for transportation service must specify whether the volume to be transported is to displace firm or interruptible demand or general service.

In addition, the Company provides Compression, Storage, and Transmission services on its Tecumseh system under Rates 325, 330 and 331.

The Company provides a Transmission Service on the Albion Transmission Line from an interconnect with Union Gas at its Parkway EGT Location and an interconnect with TCPL into its King’s North Link to the TCPL Eastern Canadian Mainline under Rate 332.

Section B — Direct Purchase Arrangements

Applicants who purchase their natural gas requirements directly from someone other than the Company or who are brokers or agents for an end user, may arrange to transport gas on the Company's distribution network in conjunction with the Ontario Gas Agreement, whether Bundled or Unbundled, or a Western Bundled Transportation Service Arrangement.

Ontario Delivery T–Service Arrangements

In an Ontario Delivery T–Service Arrangement the Applicant delivers gas, to a contractually agreed–upon point in Ontario.

Delivery from the point of direct interconnection with the Company's gas distribution network to a Terminal Location served from the Company's gas distribution network may be obtained by the Applicant either under the Bundled Service Rate Schedules or under the Unbundled Service Rate Schedules.

  1. Bundled T–Service
    Bundled T–Service is so called because all of the services required by the Applicant (delivery and load balancing) are provided for the prices specified in the applicable Rate Schedule. In a Bundled T–Service arrangement the Applicant contracts to deliver each day to the Company a Mean Daily Volume of gas. Fluctuations in the demand for gas at the Terminal Location are balanced by the Company.

  2. Unbundled T–Service
    The Unbundled Service Rates allow an Applicant to contract for only such kinds of service as the Applicant chooses. The potential advantage to an Applicant is that the chosen amounts of service may be less than the amounts required by an average customer represented in the applicable Rate Schedule, in which case the Applicant may be able to reduce the costs otherwise payable under Bundled T–Service.

Western Delivery T–Service Arrangement

In a Western Delivery T–Service Arrangement the Applicant contracts to deliver each day to a point on the TransCanada PipeLines Ltd. transmission system in Western Canada a Mean Daily Volume of gas plus fuel gas. Delivery from that point to the Terminal Location is carried out by the Company using its contracted capacity on the TransCanada PipeLines Limited. system and its gas distribution network. Unbundled T–Service in Ontario is not available with the Western Delivery Option.

An Applicant desiring to receive Transportation Service must first enter into the applicable written agreements with the Company.