Rider G - Service Charges

New Account or Activation Rate
(excluding taxes)
New Account Charge
Turning on of gas, activating appliances, obtaining billing data and establishing an opening meter reading for new customers in premises where gas has been previously supplied.
Appliance Activation Charge (for Commercial Customers Only)
We charge commercial customers an appliance activation charge on unlock and red unlock orders, except on the very first unlock and service unlock at a premise.
Minimum 1/2 hour work. Total amount depends on time required.
Meter Unlock Charge (Seasonal or Pool Heater)
Seasonal for all other revenue classes, or pool heater for residential only.
Statement of Account
Lawyer Letter Handling Charge
Providing the customer's lawyer with gas bill information.
Statement of Account Charge (for One-Year History) $10.00
Cheques Returned Non-Negotiable Charge
Cheques Returned Non-Negotiable Charge $20.00
Gas Termination
Red Lock Charge
Locking meter or shutting off service by closing the street shut-off valve (when work can be performed by field collector).
Removal of Meter
Removing meter by construction and maintenance crew.
Cut Off at Main Charge
Cutting service off at main by construction and maintenance crew.
Valve Lock Charge
Shutting off service by closing the street shut-off valve.
Work performed by field investigator. $135.00
Work performed by construction and maintenance. $280.00
Safety Inspection
Inspection Charge
For inspection of gas appliances; the Company provides only one inspection free of charge, upon first time introduction of gas to a premise.
Inspection Reject Charge (Safety Inspection)
Energy Board Inspection rejects are billed to the meter installer or homeowner.
Meter Test
Meter Test Charge
If you dispute readings on your meter, you may request to have the meter tested. This charge applies if the test confirms that the meter is recording consumption correctly.
Residential meters $105.00
Non-residential meters Time and material per contractor
Street Service Alteration
Street Service Alteration Charge
For installation of service line beyond allowable guidelines (for new residential services only).
NGV Rental
NGV Rental Cylinder (Weighted Average) $12.00
Other Customer Services (Ad-hoc request)
Labour Hourly Charge-Out Rate $140.00
Cut Off at Main Charge (Commercial and Special Requests)
Commercial services and other residential services that involve significantly more work than the average will be custom quoted.
Custom quoted
Cut Off at Main Charge (Other Customer Requests)
Other residential requests due to demolitions, fires, inactive services will be charged at the standard COAM rate.
Meter In-Out (Residential Only)
Relocating the meter from inside to outside per customer request.
Request for Service Call Information
Provide written information of the result of a service call as requested by home owners.
Temporary Meter Removal
As requested by customers.
Damaged Meter Charge $380.00

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