Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

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Call before you dig
Have a service line and meter installed
Have a new service activated for construction heat
Have an appliance inspected or meter activated 
Find out who to call if you have a question

Notice to Contractors - First Time Inspections 

For more information on contractor guidelines for promotion of Enbridge programs, please contact your Channel Consultant. 

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Application for Gas Service

Need gas service? Complete our online application form (residential services only).

Need to Tag a Problem Appliance?

If you've found an unsafe or faulty appliance, download the form below to tag the appliance:

Download our Appliance Warning Tag 

Email to:

Important: Warning Tag Process Change

We’ve improved the process for submitting and clearing a warning tag. Effective February 1, 2018, we're no longer accepting warning tags by fax. In addition to not being able to trace faxes, sometimes we received faxes that we can't read or are completely black. This means we don't know who you are, or who the customer is. Technicians can now take a picture of the completed warning tag clearance with their phone or tablet and email it directly to us. This is more reliable, can be tracked, and we'll be able to communicate with each other.

If you have any questions, please call us toll free at 1-877-362-7434.