Enbridge Gas Distribution has been in the business of providing natural gas for over 160 years. People like you have trusted us to deliver natural gas as a reliable source for generations to come. And in keeping with the times we have adapted to your needs to ensure we’re there for you so you can turn your new houses into warm new homes.

IMPORTANT UPDATE - Please be advised that manufacturer members of the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute (HRAI) will prohibit the use of certain furnace models being used for construction heat. This applies to any of their furnace models produced after May 1, 2017. Read here for more details.

Why Build with Natural Gas

Natural gas is safe, clean, affordable and ready to use when you are. It can benefit you the builder in more ways than you imagined

Request Meter Activation for Temporary Heat

If you need temporary heat, Enbridge will activate the meter set for you. Fill out the online Meter Activation for Temporary Heat form. You can also fax the Request for Meter Activation for Temporary Heat form to 1-800-494-6411

Online Forms

Ready to use natural gas? Use these forms to let us know when you require temporary heat or to request the initial inspection for a newly built home. You can also download the form that you'll need to have on site for the activation of a furnace for finishing heat.

Programs and Incentives

Our programs are designed to help you benefit now and in the future. Take advantage of our special programs that can help you help your new homeowners save on their energy costs.

Team up with Enbridge

We understand that as a builder, your objective is to get the job done quickly and efficiently. If you have any questions about our programs or processes, get in touch with one of our specialized consultants.