Enbridge is committed to helping out customers compete and succeed in today's market. Our Energy Solutions Consultants, Channel Consultants and financial incentives can help you manage your energy, streamline your efficiencies and improve returns.


Energy Efficiency Incentive Application Process

The incentive application process has been streamlined to ensure you receive your payment in a prompt manner. Simply complete the steps outlined below:

  1. Download the Fixed Incentive Application Form below
  2. Open the .pdf file and fill out all the necessary fields of the form on your computer (NOTE: If you are installing equipment at multiple locations, a Multi Address Application Form will need to be completed with your submission) 
  3. Once the form is completed, save the file for your records
  4. Print out the saved form and sign where applicable
  5. Once signed, scan the document along with all appropriate invoices (and if applicable, Multi Address Application Form) for submission to Enbridge Gas Distribution
  6. Email all the electronic files mentioned above to energyservices@enbridge.com
  7. Please note that if a scanner is not available to you, the signed form and appropriate invoices can be faxed to: 416-753-6607

Click here for a thorough walkthrough of the Incentive Application ProcessMapplication_pdf.16x16.png. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the application process, please contact your Enbridge Consultant directly:

Email: energyservices@enbridge.com 


Energy Efficiency Fixed Incentive Application Form (NEW)

Take advantage of the incentives specific to your business by simply filling out the online application form. Once this single form is complete, you can email it directly to Enbridge - it is that easy. When submitting this form, be sure to include invoice copies for all the installed equipment that you are claiming. 

Obtain your Fixed Incentive Application FormMapplication_pdf.16x16.png

2017 Fixed Incentive App Form

Multi Address Application Form (NEW)

This Multi Address Application Form works hand in hand with our Incentive Application Form. We understand that some customers can be installing multiple technologies at multiple locations. This form makes it easier for you to apply for all the applicable incentives at your various installation locations. When submitting the Multi Address Application Form, make sure it is accompanied with your Fixed Incentive Application Form and invoice copies for all the installed equipment that you are claiming.

Obtain your Multi Address Application FormMapplication_pdf.16x16.png

2017 Multi Address Form