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Boiler Programs

High-Efficiency Boiler Program

Enbridge Gas Distribution is pleased to offer a High-Efficiency Boiler Program. A rebate is available to customers* who rent or purchase and install non-atmospheric hydronic boilers between January 1, 2017 and December 8, 2017 (natural gas equipment must be installed by November 24, 2017). Boilers must be used for space heating and/or hot water heating and must have 85% to 88% thermal efficiencies:

Boiler Size (MBH) Financial Offer per Boiler
up to 599 $600
600 - 999 $850
1,000 - 1,499 $1,400
1,500 - 2,000 $2,200

Here's how the program works: 


Complete and sign the Incentive Form and send it along with proof of purchase to either or fax to (416) 495-6047 or by your Energy Solutions Consultant.


Once approved by Enbridge, you will receive the financial incentive cheque in the mail. 

*Elementary and Secondary Schools not eligible - see below. One unit per address. Not applicable for New Construction Buildings. Custom incentives available for larger boilers.


High Efficiency Boilers for School Boards have a separate incentive. For Elementary Schools, the fixed incentive is $1,000. For Secondary Schools, the fixed incentive is $4,300.  Replacement boilers must be non-atmospheric hydronic boilers between 300 to 2,000MBH with 85% to 88% thermal efficiency. Not applicable for New Construction buildings.

Condensing Boiler Program

Condensers increase your efficiency by capturing the "hidden energy" in flue gases.


Boilers that use condensers have a number of advantages over conventional models:

  • Capturing latent heat energy from flue gases lets the boiler conserve fuel, meaning you'll save money.
  • Lower fuel consumption reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Eligible Applications

Condensing boilers, condensing economizers, direct contact water heaters and direct contact heat exchangers are eligible for incentives.

Each of these technologies captures latent heat from the water vapour in flue gases that would otherwise be vented outside.


We must approve your project before it starts if you wish to receive an incentive.

You must also be upgrading an existing system. For example, adding a condensing economizer to an existing steam boiler makes you eligible for an incentive.

You may qualify for a $600 incentive if you install a condensing boiler that's up to 299 MBH and has a 90% or greater AFUE. 

Complete and sign the Incentive Form and send it along with proof of purchase to either, fax (416) 495-6047 or by your Energy Solutions Consultant

Additional terms and conditions apply to this Program. Not applicable for New Construction buildings.