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Custom and Fixed Incentives

Custom Incentives

By implementing any number of energy-saving measures you could receive an incentive for the gas you save. And with Enbridge’s new incentive structure – the more you save, the more you earn, from $0.10/m3 to $0.30/m3 up to 50% of your project cost (not to exceed $100,000).

These one-time incentives are calculated based on your projected first year's natural gas savings and will be remitted upon project completion.

Fixed Incentives - Retrofit and New Construction 

Upgrading your building by investing in efficient equipment and systems can pay off in long-term environmental and financial benefits. And if you're improving an existing building or constructing a new facility, you may be eligible for one of our fixed incentives for installing energy-efficient natural gas space heating, water heating and food service equipment.

For a complete listing of available fixed incentives, please review our 2018 Fixed Commercial and Industrial Customer Incentive Brochure

To get started and for more details, contact your Enbridge Energy Solutions Consultant today:

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Eligible Upgrades

The following improvements are examples of eligible measures:

Higher efficiency boilers

  • Converting conventional atmospheric boilers to high-efficiency or condensing boilers 
  • Installing reflective panels on radiators
  • Improving boiler controls
  • Installing primary and secondary piping
  • Converting to intermittent pumps

Higher efficiency combination water and space heating systems

  • Installing furnaces that also heat hot water

Betting Building Controls

  • Installing energy management systems and other automated controls

Water Conservation

  • Converting to low-flow showerheads

Efficient make-up air and ventilation

  • Installing heat recovering systems
  • Improving ventilation controls  

Call Before You Dig

nat_gas_safety - before_you_dig

If you're digging around your home to install a fence, renovate or plant a tree, call before you dig. It’s the law.

Learn more about safe digging