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RunItRight Program

Unlike other incentives that require installing new equipment, Enbridge's RunitRight program helps you to enhance your existing building systems and operations to find energy efficiencies. RunitRight will analyze your building's energy performance in three simple steps to identify, implement and monitor low- and no-cost operational improvements that can lead up to five per cent energy savings.  Download our brochure for full program details.

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Step 1 - Investigate

Enbridge will fund $1,000 towards a facility investigation.

An Efficiency Partner will recommend the most cost effective improvements to help you strive to achieve a minimum of 5% estimated natural gas savings.

Step 2 - Implement

Enbridge provides up to $8,000 Implementation Incentive.

Your Investigation Report identifies a list of operational improvements and provides recommendations to help you strive to achieve a minimum of 5% estimated annual natural gas savings threshold.

Step 3 - Monitor

Enbridge will fund the cost of using the Enbridge EMIS for a period of 12 months*. Participants who opt out are eligible for a $1,000 incentive.

Once operational improvements are installed and implemented, it's time to monitor, sustain and improve your building's efficiency through the use of our Energy Management Information System (EMIS) for a period of 12 months. Energy management training for building managers and staff is included.

* See program terms and conditions on the RunitRight Form and Customer Guide.

Eligibility for RunitRight

Your Commercial building may qualify to participate in RunitRight if:

  • The building consumes natural gas on an annual basis. The building has been occupied with the present use for at least one year prior to participation in RunitRight.
  • The building has an Enbridge MetreTek meter, can be upgraded to a MetreTek meter on or before November 24, 2017 or has a 3rd party automatic meter reader (AMR) that allows direct access to the building's interval data during the monitoring term.
  • No major capital upgrades that impact natural gas consumption are planned for the monitoring term.
  • Emergency and unplanned equipment replacements that need to take place during monitoring period should be reported to Enbridge.
  • The occupancy and building use is not expected to substantively change during the 12-month monitoring period.
  • The building/account has not previously participated in RunitRight.

To apply for Enbridge’s RunitRight program, contact us today.

The RunitRight application is now available for 2017.

Terms, conditions and restrictions apply. Ask your Energy Solutions Consultant for details.