Why Switch Your Business to Natural Gas

Today, Enbridge Gas Distribution is helping over 100,000 small business customers get the best value for heating, cooling and operating equipment.

This includes restaurants, supermarkets, laundromats, hotels, motels, shopping malls and many others.

Common business uses for natural gas

Today, businesses are using natural gas for:

  • Space heating
  • Water heating
  • Cook-tops, grills and barbecues
  • Laundry dryers
  • Fireplaces, pool and patio heaters
  • Space cooling and dehumidification

Natural gas heats water twice as fast

High-efficiency natural gas furnaces and boilers provide much more useable heat than conventional equipment.

For instance, the latest natural gas water heaters can heat twice as much water per hour as electric models, and because recovery rates are three times faster, they handle extremely high loads. This means more hot water in less time using less energy.

Low maintenance costs

Natural gas equipment is also designed for low maintenance providing savings on operating costs. And once you have natural gas in the building, it’s easy to extend its use to other applications.

Take advantage of Enbridge rebates and incentives

Enbridge offers rebates on everything from space and water heating systems to appliances, pool and patio heaters, when you switch from another fuel source to natural gas.

If you’re thinking of switching to natural gas, call us at 1-888-GAS-8888 during business hours, or contact an Energy Solutions Consultant (ESC).

More reasons to consider natural gas

  • New technologies are often more efficient and give more precise control, improved tenant comfort, and reduced pollutants
  • "Sick buildings" can benefit when you take a whole building system approach to ventilation and air quality
  • New equipment can comply with new regulations, e.g. CFC-free chillers
  • Energy conservation is a key part of federal greenhouse reduction programs
  • Improved efficiency allows for added load without costly service upgrades