Try our energy comparison calculator below to see the savings of using natural gas over propane
and electricity for construction heat.


Natural Gas Construction Heaters


Propane Salamanders



  • Fuel costs are based on natural gas rates as of October 1, 2017 and propane rates as of February 1, 2018.
  • Operating costs include estimated rental, fuel, and labour costs for one heater per home per month 
  • 20 heating days per month 
  • Labour rate is $33.4 per hour 
  • Based on a seasonal winter rental period

Natural Gas Operating Costs

  • Labour costs based on one labourer's time to relocate a natural gas construction heater 3 times per month 
  • Average natural gas price is 0.372 $/m³ for a Rate 1 customer, which includes commodity, transportation, delivery, customer charges and rate riders, and is based on 3,444 m³ winter seasonal gas consumption 
  • Average daily consumption is 45 m³ per heater per home 
  • Average natural gas construction heater seasonal winter rental is $450

Propane Operating Costs

  • Labour costs based on two labourers' time to change propane bottles 20 times per month 
  • Average rental cost of a 100 lb. propane bottle (including propane) is $45 
  • Average daily usage is 2/3 of a 100 lb. propane bottle 
  • Average propane salamander seasonal winter rental is $100