Converting to natural gas can add up to big savings

Natural gas is the best energy option for your business because it provides the best energy value.

Take a look at what your possible costs would be if you switch to a gas furnace, gas water heater, gas dryer, gas fireplace, gas stove, and gas barbecue. And compare to your non-gas bills – you will see the savings right away! What makes natural gas even more attractive is that natural gas equipment is designed for low maintenance providing savings on operating costs as well.

So follow the easy steps to add up your potential savings!

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2. Building Characteristics:

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Enter the average building size in square feet:

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3. Business Characteristics:

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4. Please check all the following end uses in your building that would use natural gas:  


  • This load estimator is for illustrative purposes only and is suitable for small to medium firms with estimated annual consumption between 1,500 to 15,000 cubic metres. 
  • Please note that the estimated consumption is based on long-term normal weather. 
  • The calculated annual cost is based on Enbridge Gas Distribution Rate 6 and assumes a typical commercial heating and other load profile. 
  • Please note that the cost does not include HST.