We deliver more than the energy people need. We deliver on our promise to help make communities better places to live.

Enbridge Inc. and all its subsidiaries help build communities that are sustainable, with solid infrastructure and programming. Our perspective is holistic. We aim to invest in a diverse spectrum of initiatives that will strengthen the communities we work in. Enbridge invests in three key areas:

Community – Social, health, cultural and educational enrichment
Environment – Stewardship, conservation and awareness
Safety – Safety and disaster relief

By investing in each of these key areas, we are able to support organizations that contribute to the economic and social development of communities near our operations. We encourage our employees to get involved in community programs, and we support them as they make contributions to organizations that are important to them. 

In 2016, Enbridge invested more than $13.4 million in charitable, non-profit, and community organizations to help make communities better places to live. We believe that these investments are essential to being a good neighbour and are a contributing factor in maintaining the company’s social license to operate.

Building Communities


Our Community Events Team started in 1987 with three barbecues and a pick-up truck. Since then, we've participated in more than 20,000 events in communities we serve. We're proud to support events that help build healthy, vibrant communities.

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