Enbridge Gas Distribution invests in three areas:

A thriving community can offer better opportunities for its citizens, creating leaders, and giving its citizens a chance to learn and grow. We support organizations that target social, cultural and educational issues. We are committed to innovative initiatives that improve the quality of life for members of Enbridge communities. We strive to promote leadership in our communities by supporting the United Way, health care institutions and health programs; and social services organizations. We encourage employee volunteerism by offering Our Community Partners, a program to support organizations for which our employees volunteer or fundraise.

At Enbridge, we take responsibility to the environment seriously. Through investing in programs and organizations that promote environmental education, stewardship, conservation, habitat remediation and protection, we hope to leave a strong natural legacy.

Enbridge is a proud supporter of Green Energy Doors Open, an annual campaign featuring sustainable energy projects across Ontario. In 2017, we showcased natural gas absorption heat pump (GAHP) technology being used at Arleta Manor, a Toronto Community Housing complex. Members of the public were able to learn more about the technology during the two public tours. Visitors had an opportunity to see a functioning GAHP system in an apartment building, learn how it works, and how it helps the building’s hot water system exceed 100% efficiency. 

We live and work in your communities. At Enbridge, we believe it’s essential to do our part to ensure our communities are healthy, safe, and ultimately better places to live.

Safety, both at work and home, is always our top priority. We are proud to invest in local organizations and initiative that work to keep our communities safe, healthy and secure. Through our Safe Community program, we provide grants to local first responders in areas of Enbridge operations to help with equipment, training and public awareness. 

In terms of personal well-being, our focus in recent years has centered on addressing cancer, which affects virtually every family in one form or another.

Learn more about our participation in:
• Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer
• Habitat for Humanity
• Project Zero and Project Assist
• United Way
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