Our Values

Enbridge continues to build on our foundation of operating excellence by adhering to a strong set of core values that reflect what is truly important to us as a company. The values represent the pole star for our organization, a constant beacon by which we make our decisions, as a company and as individual employees, every day.

Enbridge employees demonstrate Integrity, Safety and Respect in support of our Communities, the Environment and Each Other. Learn more about how these values guide the way we make decisions and live these core values as part of our daily activities.


  • Maintain truth in all interactions
  • Do the right thing; do not take the easy way out
  • Take accountability for our actions, without passing blame to others
  • Follow through on commitments 


  • Relentlessly ensure the safety of our communities, customers, contractors, partners and employees
  • Take a proactive approach to identifying and preventing safety issues
  • Take immediate action when a safety issue is identified
  • Continually seek ways to improve safety performance


  • Value the contributions of others
  • Take the time to understand the perspective of others
  • Treat everyone with unfailing dignity

Supporting our Communities

  • Support the company’s effort in strengthening the communities in which we live and work
  • Support the volunteerism efforts of our fellow employees


Supporting the Environment

  • Consider the potential short and long term environmental impacts before proceeding with any activity
  • Consistently strive towards a neutral footprint on the environment


Supporting Each Other

  • Share knowledge and experience to help others
  • Encourage individual development of each other
  • Work collaboratively to achieve common goals