Helping the Community through Donations and Sponsorships

At Enbridge Gas Distribution, we are committed to supporting the communities we serve and as part of that commitment we proudly support organizations that help build healthy and vibrant communities.

Enbridge has a long and proud tradition of supporting the community. For over 165 years our motto has been “for the good of the community,” which we still live by today.

To make a difference, we support areas that our customers have told us are important like education, health and safety, culture and community and environment.

Our community partners

We’re proud to support organizations by sponsoring or donating to activities that help build healthy and vibrant communities. Many Enbridge employees also donate their time to these organizations.

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We provide financial support and expertise to many environmental and community organizations. We're particularly interested in projects that allow our employees to play an active role in the communities we serve.

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To request a donation or sponsorship, please complete our online application form.

Building Communities


Our Community Events Team started in 1987 with three barbecues and a pick-up truck. Since then, we've participated in more than 20,000 events in communities we serve. We're proud to support events that help build healthy, vibrant communities.

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