Project Zero and Project Assist

Enbridge Gas Distribution has a long and proud tradition of supporting the communities we serve. Part of that commitment is to promote natural gas safety.

Each year, Enbridge teams up with the Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council to help fire departments reduce the number of fire and carbon monoxide-related deaths and purchase new training programs. We do this through two of our programs: Project Zero and Project Assist. 

Project Zero is a public education campaign that provides combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to residents in 15 municipalities in Ontario. The goal of this annual campaign is to reduce the number of residential fire and carbon monoxide-related deaths to zero. In 2017, Enbridge donated $100,000 towards Project Zero, which purchased more than 3,000 alarms for residents in 15 communities. 

Project Assist is a program that supplements existing training for Ontario volunteer and composite fire departments in the communities where we operate. In 2017, a $100,000 donation was shared between 20 Ontario fire departments. Funds were used to purchase educational materials for firefighters to enhance life-saving techniques, giving the men and women who protect us the support they need to ensure the safety and well-being of our communities, now and for the future.

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