This information is based on Enbridge Gas’ understanding of the Ontario Government’s cap and trade program as it relates to natural gas customers. As the cap and trade details are finalized, we'll share updates related to natural gas on our website. Please click here for more information.

What is cap and trade?

On January 1, 2017, the government of Ontario introduced a cap and trade program as part of changes intended to lower levels of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across the province.

As part of the program, there will be costs related to the GHG emissions from natural gas used in homes and businesses. The government has indicated that the funds it collects through cap and trade will go to programs – like energy conservation – to reduce GHG emissions. Watch the Ontario Government video to learn more.

We believe that both natural gas, and Enbridge, can play an important role in helping to reduce overall emissions in Ontario.

As your natural gas distributor, the government requires us to acquire GHG allowances to cover the emissions for the natural gas consumed by our residential and business customers. The cost of these allowances will be determined in part by the market and passed through to customers based on the amount of natural gas they use.

On November 24, 2016, the Ontario Energy Board approved our request for interim cap and trade rates. This cost is estimated at about $80 a year, or about $6 or $7 per month, on average, for a typical residential customer using 2,400 cubic metres (m3) of natural gas for home and water heating a year. Cap and trade will affect business customers a bit differently.

We have information and programs for both residential and business customers that may help you reduce energy use and your overall GHG emission costs.

Estimate your cap and trade costs


About the Calculator

This calculator can be used by residential and most business customers to estimate the cap and trade costs based on the interim rate of 3.3518 cents / m3 approved by the Ontario Energy Board. Large Business Account and Regulated Storage and Transmission customers should reference Enbridge’s online rate handbook or contact their Account Executive for their applicable rate.

Cap and trade charges are included in the Delivery to You charge on your bill starting January 1, 2017. The January bill includes gas usage for part of both December and January. When entering gas usage from your January 2017 bill into the calculator, note that the calculator will estimate your cap and trade charges to be higher than what was applied to your bill. This is because this bill includes partial charges for December.

How will cap and trade affect you as a natural gas customer?

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