How cap and trade will affect you as a residential customer

On November 24, 2016, the Ontario Energy Board approved our request for an interim rate of 3.3518 cents per cubic metre (m3) of natural gas for the recovery of costs related to cap and trade. A final cap and trade rate will be determined in the future. That translates to an increase of about $6 to $7 per month, on average, for a typical residential Enbridge customer.*

The cost to you will be determined by multiplying the cap and trade rate by the number of m3 of natural gas you use. The amount of natural gas you use is shown on your bill. The cap and trade charge is related to the cost of emissions from a customer’s use of natural gas and the natural gas used to deliver gas to customers. This cost will be included in the Delivery to You charge on customer bills starting January 1, 2017. 

The Ontario Energy Board will review and approve all cap and trade rates before they are included in your bill. Enbridge passes cap and trade costs on to customers and the amount customers pay is related to the amount of natural gas they use. Approved cap and trade rates will be posted on our website when available.

Cap and trade costs are expected to change over time. If the charges we collect are higher or lower than the actual costs, your bill will be adjusted accordingly.

At Enbridge, we:

  • Continue to offer energy efficiency programs to help you reduce the amount of natural gas you use, which will help manage your cap and trade costs. 
  • Offer a budget billing plan that can help spread out your annual natural gas costs over 11 months.

As the cap and trade details are finalized, we’ll share updates related to natural gas on our website and through bill inserts.

What residential customers can do

  • Check out our energy-saving tips and programs 
  • The government of Ontario announced $100 million for home energy audits and retrofits over three years through its Green Investment Fund – a $325-million down payment on Ontario’s cap and trade program. As part of that, the Ontario Home Energy Conservation Incentive Program, delivered by Enbridge Gas Distribution and Union Gas in partnership with the Government of Ontario, is offered to Ontario homeowners who use natural gas, propane, oil or wood as the primary source of heating in their homes. It's expected to help an estimated 37,000 homeowners identify and make energy saving upgrades to their homes. 
  • Check your monthly bill for updates related to the Ontario government’s cap and trade system as it relates to natural gas
  • Learn more about cap and trade

Natural gas is the cleanest burning conventional fuel. It is also affordable, costing about 65% less than electricity and oil for home and water heating.**

* A typical residential customer uses about 2,400 cubic metres (m3) of natural gas a year for home and water heating. Based on an interim cap and trade rate of 3.3518 cents/m3 a typical residential customer would pay $6.70 on average per month for a total annual bill impact of about $80.

** On average over five years based on Enbridge Gas residential rates October 1, 2016, Toronto May 1, 2016 electricity rates and Statistics Canada oil prices as of August 2016. Calculated for the equivalent energy consumed by a typical residential customer. Includes all service, delivery and energy charges. Excludes HST and cap and trade costs.


Programs to Help Reduce Energy Use

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You know that being more efficient will save you money, but you might not know all your options. Our rebate and incentive programs can give you a head start on reducing energy costs in your home.

Learn more and start saving today