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Most households spend the most money on natural gas during the three coldest months of the year. With a Budget Billing Plan (BBP) you have a set monthly amount for your natural gas use based on your historical natural gas usage. We will monitor your account and make any necessary adjustment to keep you on track for the year. Plans start in September and end in July.  

Once you sign-up for BBP, your gas charges are estimated based on your previous use to ensure your monthly amounts reflect expected charges as closely as possible. Your gas use is checked mid-way through and if you have used more natural gas than what was estimated, your monthly installment is adjusted. 

  • September, October and November: You are not likely using a lot of gas and a credit amount builds up in preparation for the winter months.
  • December, January, February (and sometimes March): In the colder months, more natural gas is used, resulting in the credit balance decreasing and gradually becoming a debit amount, or a charge.
  • April, May and June: Your installments start to pay off your winter gas costs.
  • July: This is the end of the plan, so your bill will be reconciled for a final BBP installment. It reflects the difference between the installments billed and the charges for gas actually used.
  • August: You are only billed for the gas you use.

 Your BBP will automatically restart again in September.

Enbridge provides a billing service to many different energy-service companies that are not owned by or affiliated with Enbridge. If you decide to buy a product or service from a participating company, their charges will appear in the section called “Charges From Other Companies”. This can help make paying bills more convenient, get one bill and make one monthly payment to Enbridge.

Enbridge does not recommend, endorse or guarantee the products or services offered by such companies.

You should only provide your personal information, including your Enbridge account number, if you’ve decided to enter into a contract with a participating company. The service provider’s name and phone number will appear with their charges on your bill. For questions about their product, service or charges, contact them directly.

View the list of participating companies.

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