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Search Tips

  • Enter quotation marks (" ") around your search terms to search for an Exact Phrase;
    the system considers this information required and only returns instances in which the full phrase is found.
    For example: Enter "budget billing" to return listings where the words budget and billing appear together and in that order.

  • Enter a plus sign (+) before a search term to search for a Required Word;
    the system only returns results in which this word is found.

  • Enter a minus sign (-) before search term to exclude a word;
    the system will not return any instances in which the Excluded Word appears.

  • To search using a Wildcard, include an asterisk [*] after a word and in place of the letters that you wish to match.
    Also note that wildcard searches may take longer to return results.
    For example: Enter new* to return articles that match new, news, newsletter.