April is Dig Safe Month

Dig Safe Month coincides with the unofficial start of spring digging season and is a reminder of the importance to call or click before you dig.

We dug into our archives and found a vintage video - Hit or Miss: A Lethal Game of Chance. It might be retro but the message is still relevant today. We'll be sharing new clips until May 7.

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Protect Yourself and Others

Damage to a natural gas line can result in a gas leak, fire or explosion, and could cut off utility service to an entire neighbourhood. Anyone who causes damage will need to pay for repairs. They may also need to deal with an expensive lawsuit if anyone is hurt or nearby property is damaged.

Always Call Before You Dig - It's the Law

If you plan on building a deck, fence or doing any digging, the law requires you to contact Ontario One Call to request free locates of underground pipes and cables before you start. 

Contact them at least one week in advance. Call 1-800-400-2255 or submit your request online

This service is offered FREE of charge, and is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

If necessary, a locate service provider will visit the site to mark the location of underground natural gas pipes with yellow paint, stakes or flags. The locator will provide you with a locate sheet that includes a diagram of where underground utilities are located. If markings aren't required you will still receive a locate sheet. For help understanding the locate sheet, view the How to Read a Locate form.

Dig Safely

Even with locates it's important that you follow safe digging practices. Complete your project safely by reading our guides: