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Warning Tags

During any service related call or when gas is turned on, any certified gas technician must inspect the natural gas equipment to ensure it is installed as per the Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code, the manufacturer’s certified instructions, and that the equipment is operating safely.  

If your equipment is no longer safe to operate or it needs to be repaired or replaced, a warning tag is placed on the natural gas appliance or piping by the certified gas technician. They are required by law to issue the warning tag and it’s also a safety measure to protect the residents of your home or business.

Two Types of Warning Tags: A and B

If a warning tag is issued, the certified gas technician will provide verbal and written notification of the infraction to the customer.

An “A” tag is issued when the appliance or work creates an immediate hazard. As a result, the supply of gas to the appliance or building is shut off. Common examples include a cracked heat exchanger that cannot be repaired and improper ignition. 

A “B” tag is issued when the appliance or work does not create an immediate hazard. The customer is provided a limited time frame for repairs or replacement. If corrective action is not taken, the natural gas supply will be shut off. Common examples include improper clearance to combustibles and insufficient pipe supports.

Please see the Your Safety and Our Regulatory Responsibility section of the warning tag for more details.

If You Receive a Warning Tag

If you receive a tag, it is your responsibility to have the infraction corrected. Enbridge technicians and our contractors issue B tags that expire after 35 days. We do not repair gas appliances or supply lines. You’re responsible for hiring your own registered heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractor to make the repairs or corrections to the infraction. Only certified gas technicians can remove a warning tag.

Once corrections are made, the certified technician must complete the “Work Completed By” portion of the warning tag and should immediately email it, to us:

This portion of the tag must be completed in full and received by Enbridge at least five business days before the expiry date. Failing to include all the necessary information or returning it late can result in a delay of processing or a service visit from Enbridge. If we have to visit the property to verify the repairs and remove the tag, or shut off the gas, a $70 service charge plus tax will be billed to your account. To ensure your safety, we are legally required to shut off the gas if repairs to a “B” tag are not completed by the expiry date.

Important: Warning Tag Process Change

We’ve improved the process for submitting and clearing a warning tag. Effective February 1, 2018, we're no longer accepting warning tags by fax. In addition to not being able to trace faxes, sometimes we received faxes that we can't read or are completely black. This means we don't know who you are, or who the customer is. Technicians can now take a picture of the completed warning tag clearance with their phone or tablet and email it directly to us. This is more reliable, can be tracked, and we'll be able to communicate with each other.