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Budget Billing Helps you Manage Your Budget

For a typical customer, about 60 per cent of their natural gas use takes place in the three coldest months of the year. The budget billing plan (BBP) does not change your total annual gas costs, it distributes your charges fairly evenly over 11 months from September to July. 

We estimate your gas charges for the coming year based on your previous use and forecasts. We then work to ensure your installments reflect expected charges as closely as possible. We also conduct a mid-plan review and where needed, update your installment amount. View our interactive bill for a breakdown of the BBP section on your bill. 

Sign up for BBP

Register in August to maximize the benefits of the plan. Once registered, your next bill should display the BBP information on the ‘Charges For Gas’ page of your bill for easy reference. 

Monitoring your Balance 

We encourage you to monitor your plan and to contact us with any questions. It is typical for BBP balances to fluctuate between a credit and an outstanding balance throughout the season. Through myEnbridge, you can review the BBP section on your previous bills to see how it tracked through the year.

Generally, a BBP balance will follow this trend:

  • September, October and November: A credit amount builds up in preparation for the winter months.
  • December, January, February (and sometimes March): In the colder months, more natural gas is used, resulting in the credit balance decreasing and gradually becoming a debit amount, or a charge.
  • April, May and June: Your installments start to pay off your winter gas costs. Your BBP balance should be moving towards an amount comparable to your monthly installment as the end of the plan nears.
  • July: This is the end of the plan, so your bill will have the final BBP installment. It reflects the difference between the installments billed and the charges for gas actually used during the course of the plan. Our goal is to have a final installment that’s comparable to your typical installment amount. However it may be up to two times higher or lower. Learn more about factors that may cause a difference.
  • August: You are only billed for the gas you use.

Customers on BBP will automatically have their new plan start in September. Or, if you decide budget billing is not for you, you can cancel at any time.