Is Your Bill Higher Than Expected?

For many reasons, your gas charges will vary from month-to-month unless you are on our Budget Billing Plan.

Here are the most common reasons:

Natural Gas Rates: If the price of natural gas changes, your bill will too. Enbridge rates change every three months. Check current rates. 

Seasons and Weather: You'll likely use more gas to heat your home in winter. And, the colder the weather, the more gas is used to keep your home warm. As well, if you have a gas pool heater, you may see a rise in summer.

More People at Home: If you have a new baby or your children are back from university, you may be using more hot water for showers and laundry.

Home Changes: You may see changes on your bill if you have put an addition onto your home, or purchased a new gas appliance.

Vacation: You might expect your energy costs to drop while you're away.  However, if you keep your thermostat at the same setting, you won't see a big dip in gas usage.

Number of Billing Days: If your current bill is higher than a previous bill, check how many days are included in the billing period. Our billing periods can range from 24 to 36 days. If your current bill covers more days than a previous bill, your charges will likely be higher.

Still have questions about your bill? Contact us.

Budget Billing Plan

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BBP can help make budgeting easier by spreading gas charges out more evenly throughout the year.

Safety Tips

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