You Have a Choice

When it comes to buying natural gas, you have a choice. 

  • From Enbridge at a rate regulated by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB). 
  • From an independent supplier, called a gas broker or marketer, at a price that is not regulated.

Enbridge will continue to deliver the gas to your home. All your charges, including those from the gas marketer, will be shown on your Enbridge bill.

Your Gas Rate

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has approved changes to your gas rates effective January 1, 2018. These changes affect customers who purchase natural gas directly from Enbridge and those who buy from a natural gas marketer.

Need help managing your energy costs?

Watch our video to learn how natural gas rates are set: 

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How Do We Set Gas Prices?

Enbridge does not make a profit on the price of natural gas.

If you purchase your natural gas supply from Enbridge, the price you pay for your natural gas is exactly the same as it costs us to buy it from our suppliers.

However, we do earn a profit on the delivery of natural gas to your home or business, but only at a rate that is approved by the OEB.

Natural gas is a commodity that is traded openly on the North American market. And like most commodities, the market price of natural gas is determined by supply and demand.

The price that we charge for natural gas is based on North American market prices. We review market prices quarterly so that we can stay on top of any major changes.

If the cost of natural gas has gone down or up, we reduce or increase the price accordingly to help avoid large adjustments.

Customers can also choose to purchase their natural gas supply directly from an independent natural gas marketer. Marketers are licensed by the OEB.

A list of official licensed marketers is available at Ontario Energy Board.


Natural Gas Value