Your Energy Dollars Go Further with Natural Gas 

In Ontario, customers continue to switch to natural gas from other energy choices because of the cost savings and reliability. A typical Enbridge residential customer* saves more than $1,100 a year compared to people using electricity and more than $1,900 compared to those using oil**. Based on current rates natural gas is 55 per cent cheaper than electricity and 69 per cent cheaper than oil**. And, over the last five years, natural gas has been on average 65 per cent less expensive than electricity and oil**.

Natural Gas Compared to Other Fuels

Natural Gas does more than keep you warm and generate electricity to keep the lights on.

Below are some more interesting facts about natural gas and the great value it provides.   

Natural Gas is... Affordable

Natural gas is the most affordable choice for meeting Ontario's growing energy needs.

  • Massive deposits found in North America mean affordable prices
  • Low cost, efficient technologies ensure natural gas will stay affordable for decades to come 

Natural Gas is... Clean

When it comes to generating electricity, natural gas is one of the cleanest choices out there. It'll substantially reduce Ontario’s carbon footprint and is the ideal complement to renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

  • Natural gas is the cleanest burning conventional fuel, with less than half of the CO2 emissions of coal and oil
  • Natural gas also produces significantly lower emissions of nitrogen oxides - a pre-cursor to smog - and particulate matter than coal and oil
  • Plus, natural gas fueled electricity generation requires less land compared to other alternatives 

Natural Gas is... Driving Economic Growth

Natural gas can help build a brighter future for Ontario. Ontario needs to take steps to fully embrace and promote the benefits that affordable, clean and abundant natural gas offers our economy.

  • Electricity generation – Natural gas is the second largest source of supply in Ontario's energy mix and played an important role in the elimination of coal
  • Mining – Natural gas has a number of significant benefits for mining and processing in northern Ontario as it generates electricity and directly powers industrial processes
  • Transportation – Low prices have renewed interest in liquefied (LNG) and compressed (CNG) natural gas as transportation fuel
  • Steel – Increased exploration is creating demand for steel products including pipes, tubes and joints used in natural gas drilling, while replacing coal in the industry's blast furnaces in places like Hamilton 

* Calculations are based on the assumption that a typical residential customer uses about 2,400 cubic metres of natural gas a year for home and water heating.

** Natural gas rates are based on Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.’s residential rates effective April 1, 2018. Electricity rates are based on Toronto Hydro’s, Ontario Energy Board approved, rates effective January 1, 2018. Oil prices are based on publicly posted Statistics Canada historical prices as of February 2018. Costs have been calculated for the equivalent energy consumed by a typical residential customer and includes all service, delivery and energy charges. HST is not included.