How to Submit a Meter Reading

Your gas meter measures your home's natural gas consumption. It's easy to read your meter and submit the reading for your monthly bill.

Three ways to submit your meter reading

Once you've read your meter, you can choose how to submit your reading:

  • Use the form on this page to submit your reading online
  • Call our 24-hour automated telephone line at 1-800-268-5442 with your account number handy (you'll find it in the top right-hand corner of your gas bill) 
  • If you’ve previously registered for myEnbridge, you can sign-in to myEnbridge and use the pre-populated Submit a Meter Reading Form

Why not register to submit online now?

As a registered user of myEnbridge, you can submit your reading online as well as take advantage of many other convenient features.

Once you log in, there are only two simple steps to follow:

  1. Simply choose the account you wish to submit a reading for
  2. Enter the reading and submit

No need to enter account information, your name, etc., it's all done for you!

Register for myEnbridge now!

We have to perform an annual reading

While you can report your own readings, in Ontario, an Enbridge representative must read your meter at least once a year. If necessary, you can call to schedule a special reading during business hours.

Meter reading schedule

Your gas meter is read every other month. On the months when your meter is not read, Enbridge will bill you based on an estimated reading.

To ensure you are billed as accurately as possible for the amount of gas you have used, an actual meter reading is preferred.

To submit your actual meter reading sign-in to myEnbridge and, in the Gas Usage Summary section of the Overview tab, you will see the date range available to submit your current reading so it will be used for billing purposes. If the current date is within this period, click on the Submit a Meter Reading tab and enter your reading. 

Meter Reading schedule image - July 2012


Report Your Meter Reading Online

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