Adjustments to Your Bill

Sometimes there may be special charges that appear on your bill. This page summarizes these charges.

One-time charges

These charges are specific to certain services that won't appear on your bill every month.

Account-Related Charges
New account charge $25.00 Appears on your bill when you set up a new account or change your address. It covers the costs of:

  • Setting up your record
  • Obtaining billing information
  • Your start-up meter reading
  • Turning on your gas
  • Other related work
Late payment penalty 1.5% per month or 18% per annum (for an effective rate of 19.56% per annum) of unpaid charges Calculated and added to your account if full payment is not received by the Late Payment Effective Date.
Returned / non-negotiable cheque charge $20.00 Charged when your financial institution returns a cheque or when we aren't able to withdraw a pre-authorized payment. Please ensure that your cheques are accurate and signed, and that your account has sufficient funds.
Statement of account charges $10.00 Appears when you request a written record of your account (covering a one-year history).
Lawyer letter handling charge $15.00 Added when we provide your lawyer with bill information for real-estate purposes.

Gas Termination Charges
Meter lock or service shut-off $70.00 Appears if your meter is locked or your service discontinued because of nonpayment.
Removal of meter $280.00 Covers the cost of a construction and maintenance crew removing your meter.
Cut-off at main charge Written quote will be provided. Covers additional customized work of a construction and maintenance crew.
Valve lock charge $135.00

If a field investigator performs this service.

If done by a construction and maintenance crew.
Temporary meter removal $280.00 Covers the cost of a construction and maintenance crew removing your meter. 

Service Charges
Appliance activation charge $70.00 Applying only to commercial customers, this charge covers a minimum of half an hour and is applicable in all instances, except for the first unlock and service unlock.
Seasonal or pool heater unlock charge $70.00 Covers the cost of unlocking your meter.
Inspection charge $70.00 This appliance re-inspection charge will be billed to the builder.
Inspection reject charge (safety inspection) $70.00 This re-inspection charge will be billed to the meter installer or homeowner when a property fails an Energy Board inspection.
Street service alteration charge $32.00 per metre Covers the installation of a new residential service line that exceeds standard length.
Meter in-out (residential only) $280.00 Covers the cost of moving your meter from outside your home to the inside.
Meter test charge (residential meters) $105.00 If you disagree with your meter reading, we'll test it for you. This charge applies in cases where the meter is found to be working properly.
Meter test charge
(non-residential meters)
Varies For non-residential meter tests, this charge is based on time and materials on the contractor's invoice.
Request for service call information $30.00 Covers the cost of a written report summarizing a service call you requested.
Labour hourly charge-out rate $140.00 Applies to any other service performed by technical personnel.

Security deposits

To protect against losses, Enbridge reserves the right to request a security deposit from its customers. Customers who are moving whose accounts are in good standing will not have to provide a security deposit.