Escalating Your Enquiry

If your concern has not been resolved to your satisfaction by our Customer Service Representatives, please let us know.

Speak to a Supervisor

Call 1-877-362-7434 and ask to speak to a supervisor. The Customer Service Representative will arrange for a supervisor to contact you within 48 hours to discuss your situation.

The supervisor will work with you to resolve your issue.

Contact our Customer Ombudsman

Anne Creery

Anne Creery 
Customer Ombudsman,
Enbridge Gas Distribution

If you have spoken with a supervisor and you still feel that your enquiry has not been resolved, you may contact the office of the Ombudsman.

The office of the Ombudsman will confirm receipt of your information, in most cases within 48 hours, and will review your issue as soon as possible.

Contact a member of the Ombudsman team:

Anne Creery, Customer Ombudsman
P.O. Box 650
Scarborough, Ontario
M1K 5E3

Telephone 416-495-6155
Toll Free 1-866-817-6836
Fax 416-495-5021

Claim Enquiries

If you have a claim that has not been resolved by a supervisor, you may also ask that it be referred to the Enbridge Claims Department. Our Claims Department will review your issue as soon as possible and may contact you directly should they require any additional information before determining the eligibility of your claim.

Contact the Ontario Energy Board (OEB)

If you've followed the above steps and your problem has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you can contact the OEB.