Definition of "Rush, No Heat"

From approximately November to April each year, depending on seasonal temperatures, we can experience extremely cold weather.  This is considered the freeze-up season.  If a homeowner has no building heat, a request for service will be considered eligible for "Rush" service under the following conditions:

  1. The dwelling is occupied; and 
  2. There is no heat being generated other than by portable heaters (e.g. electric); or
  3. The existing heating system/equipment is condemned with a valid warning tag or is unrepairable; or
  4. The existing fuel supplier is refusing to refuel the dwelling until the storage container is replaced due to safety requirements.

Additional Considerations:

  • A system that is working at partial capacity is not considered a Rush, unless the system fails totally.  At this point the status will be upgraded to Rush.
  • Dwellings with alternative heat sources such as, but not limited to, fireplace, wood stove, or some functional baseboard heaters are not considered a Rush, nor is a dwelling that is simply out of fuel and desire Rush service to avoid another fuel purchase.
  • NEVER remove existing equipment until the new gas meter has been installed!  Removing functioning equipment to accommodate conversion is not a valid reason to obtain Rush status, even though the building has no heat.
  • A contractor should never submit a Rush for a customer they are unable to accommodate for the installation of new heating equipment and get heat flowing within 72 hours of the gas meter being hung. 
  • The contractor who submits the Rush is required to call Enbridge (1 877 ENBRIDGE) for final inspection/unlock within 72 hours of the gas meter being hung following installation of new heating equipment. 
  • If at any time it is discovered that a contractor submitted a Rush that is not valid, the offending contractor may be refused acceptance of future Rush orders for a period of 12 months.  It is the contractors' responsibility to verify that their customer is eligible for Rush service.
  • Every Rush service request is verified and/or investigated by Enbridge before being deemed a Rush! 

If your situation meets this definition of a "Rush" please inform your contractor that you require "RUSH" status.