Door to Door Sales

Enbridge Gas Distribution does not sell anything door to door and we don't rent, sell or service natural gas appliances. If you're visited by someone selling a product, service or natural gas supply contract, remember:

  • Utility companies, municipalities, government agencies and regulatory organizations don't send salespeople door to door
  • Ask for photo idendification (ID) and get the name of the person and the business
  • Don't share any personal information, including your Enbridge bill
  • Keep a copy of any material the person shows you 

Why Enbridge May Visit

Enbridge employees or contractors may visit your home for the following reasons:

  • Read, exchange or relocate your gas meter
  • Complete construction work on our gas pipelines
  • Respond to a smell of gas report or other natural gas emergency

What Enbridge Doesn’t Do

Enbridge does not provide the following services and does not authorize any other companies to provide them on our behalf:

  • Sell, rent or service natural gas appliances (furnaces, water heaters, etc.)
  • Sell retail products or services such as furnace cleaning or repairs
  • Sell environmental initiatives such as carbon offsets
  • Finance contracts for energy services
  • Sell natural gas supply contracts

All Enbridge Representatives Wear a Visible Identification Card

Any Enbridge representative that comes to your door will be carrying an ID card that is visible and displays the Enbridge logo, the representative's name, their photo and their company’s name. If a person claims to be from Enbridge but cannot produce valid ID:

  • Do not allow them into your home
  • Do not provide any natural gas billing information (an Enbridge representative will never ask to see your bill)
  • Do not sign any document presented to you
  • You can also contact us for more information 

Beware of False Claims

Any person or organization claiming to represent Enbridge must have our consent. If at any time you suspect that someone may be misrepresenting themselves as an Enbridge representative, please contact our Ombudsman's office at 1-866-817-6836 or

Know Your Rights

The Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services enforces the Ontario Consumer Protection Act, 2002. To learn more about door to door sales and consumer rights, visit Consumer Protection Ontario.

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) introduced new consumer protection rules effective January 1, 2017 regarding retail energy contracts (natural gas and/or electricity) and how energy retailers deal with residential and small business customers. The rules include banning contracting with consumers at home. Learn more about energy contracts from the OEB. 

Make a Silent Killer Noisy

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Carbon monoxide is odourless, colourless, tasteless—and incredibly poisonous. Save lives and install carbon monoxide alarms in your home.

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