What is a natural gas meter exchange?

We conduct ongoing natural gas meter exchanges to ensure that our meters accurately record how much gas is used, as mandated in Section 12 of the federal Electricity and Gas Inspection Act. An exchange involves shutting off the natural gas supply to the existing meter and replacing it with a new one. 

Did you receive a meter exchange letter?

  • If you received a letter from Enbridge Gas Distribution about needing a meter exchange please follow the instructions provided. There is no charge to you for the exchange.
  • To book your appointment online, visit the Customer Portal. You will need your File Number (located on the top right corner of the letter your received in the mail) and your postal code. 

Note: Between the months of April and November, appointments will only be available in special circumstances (e.g. inaccessible meter or someone in the home with special medical considerations).  Lakeside can complete the first half of the meter exchange when no one is home.  If you are not home when the meter is replaced, the gas supply will be left off and a card will be left notifying you of the exchange and asking you to contact Lakeside to restore service.

Who performs the meter exchange?

What happens next?

After the exchange, the technician will:

  • Turn on the gas supply.
  • Complete an inspection of your appliances and piping.
  • Relight the natural gas appliances in your home.

If any of your gas appliances don’t meet the safety requirements of the Gas Installation Code, the technician is legally required to issue a warning tag

How are meters selected?

Meters are selected at random for inspection, but must reflect:

  • the many different neighbourhoods we serve
  • the variety of companies that manufactured the meters
  • the different types of meters
  • the dates the meters were produced and installed

More questions?

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