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Clothes Dryers


Choose a Natural Gas Clothes Dryer and Save

Natural gas dryers offer savings – both financial and environmental – over electric units.

  • Gas dryers produce a gentle moist heat that reduces wrinkles and static
  • Choose your dryer size based on how often you do laundry 
  • If you do a lot of laundry, you may want a larger drum to hold bigger loads 
  • If don't do many loads in a week, a smaller dryer may give you better heating and tumbling action – choose the size that’s right for you

Get a licenced professional to install

Get tips on finding a registered heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor to install your natural gas dryer for you.

Dryer maintenance and safety tips

Read your owner's manual to learn the proper maintenance of your specific dryer.

Remember these tips:

  • You must vent your natural gas dryer to the outdoors 
  • Twice a year, check the outside opening of the exhaust vent, where lint can collect and cause a fire – even if you clean the interior lint trap 
  • If your dryer has a hood with a flapper (damper), make sure it opens and closes properly