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Pool Heaters

Make the most of your too-short summer.

A natural gas pool heater lets you swim late into the fall and still save on your heating costs.

Benefits and Features

  • You can save money with a heater that ignites only when you need it.
  • You'll save time and hassle with self-diagnostic heaters. These can pinpoint minor problems and give detailed information to whoever services your pool.
  • Keep your family safe with a heater that automatically checks for unsafe water temperatures.
  • Natural gas pool heaters are significantly more efficient than electric heaters.

Buying Tips

Every pool is different.

Knowing these details will help you and your pool dealer choose the right heater:

  • Your pool's volume and surface area
  • Your preferred water temperature
  • The air temperature during the day and at night

Keep Your Pool Efficient

These handy tips will help your pool conserve its heat:

  • Use a cover when you're not using your pool—water cools as it evaporates.
  • Wind can increase your energy consumption by 300%. Prevent heat loss by installing a solid fence or bushes as windbreaks.
  • The sun is a perfect source of additional heat. Your pool will absorb 75% to 85% of the sun's energy, so trim back overhanging trees and let the sun work for you.